Clear financial advice


If you are looking for truly independent financial advice presented in a clear, straightforward and understandable way, then you have arrived at the right place.

With independent advice, it is you that sets the agenda. The advice given is unrestricted insofar that there isn’t any bias towards different products or providers. This clearly separates independent advisers from those who are restricted to specific companies or products.

Whether you are a private client or business, we have a solution for you...



Personal Financial Solutions

Whether you wish to save or invest for the future or protect against those unexpected disasters, we have a solution for you.

Reasons why you would put aside money for the future could be to provide for your children’s future. This could be to help with their education costs or help with buying a home. One reason why we should all put money aside is to pay for a long and prosperous retirement.

Your priority may, on the other hand, be to protect your family against those unexpected disasters such as long term illness and premature death. Illness can have a disastrous effect on a family’s finances. Arrangements can be put in place to protect your income and provide a lump sum to those left behind. After all, we all look to protect our cars and homes against accidental damage. The loss of an income is likely to have a more devastating effect.

Retirement Planning

RJB is committed to providing high quality, fully independent financial advice.

With your help, we will look at the whole picture regarding your retirement planning needs. This will also take into account your other priorities such as repaying any debts including your mortgage.

We also acknowledge that not everyone chooses to save for their retirement via a pension plan, although pensions still remain the most tax efficient way to save.

An example of how we work is by asking "What standard of living do you want in retirement?" in preference to "How much do you want to save towards your pension?"

Our commitment to you is that we will only provide recommendations that we would be happy with ourselves or be happy to recommend to our friends and family.

Business Financial Solutions

We can look after your business whether you have 2 employees or 1000 employees.

The core of our philosophy is the belief that your business, no matter what size, should benefit from the best and most importantly, independent advice, specific to your needs.

We shall be happy to put together a suite of benefits designed to fit in with your precise needs. So whether you are looking to introduce a new Employee Benefits package, review an existing one or just need some general advice, you can be assured of the highest quality of service. This comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to establish exactly what your requirements are.

Please allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can reduce your costs and improve on the service and benefits you currently provide.

Business Protection

  • Group schemes
  • Relevant life cover
  • Partnership protection
  • Shareholder protection
  • Keyperson cover

Whether you are a Director of a Limited Company, a Partner in a firm or you just have certain key staff that are essential to the ongoing success and profitability of your company, then it is likely that you will need some form of business protection.

This can be to insure the individuals themselves, insure any kind of corporate debt or indeed, protect and control the shares or share in a partnership in the event of death or ill health. We will make sure that you have the right cover, at the right level and at the right price to suit your needs as well as ensuring that the cover is structured properly by utilising suitable trusts.

Director Benefits

Directors have an advantage insofar that they are usually a shareholder as well as technically an employee. Making the most of this status is essential. By utilising tax allowances properly and by structuring the right level of other benefits, we are ideally placed to assist in tailoring a solution to match.

So whether you need advice regarding your business protection needs, some comprehensive medical insurance or the all important retirement planning strategies, you can be assured that we can help advise and find solutions for the present as well as your future requirements.


RJB Financial Services have managed my finances for a number of years and I find Mark Nind very professional and straight forward. I think of Mark more of a friend than an adviser. I hope to continue business with Mark for many more years.

Gerald Fletcher

RJB Financial Services have a knowledge and expertise I am looking for from an independent financial advisor, but most of all I trust their advice.

Ray Sharp

RJB Financial Services have looked after me in both a personal and business capacity for over 10 years, now. I find their service straightforward and honest and without the unnecessary flamboyancy associated with many advisers I have met.

Tony Lennon


Mark Nind Chartered Financial Planner

Sally Posey Dip FA